Graphical Site Maps

On this page we have a navigational tool called a
Site Map. This is a graphic that has parts of it
made into HTML links for navigating a web site.

If you would like to have a graphical site map for
your web site, we can create the graphic with the
link titles you want. All you need to do is create
the coordinates and add the HTML links.

We offer pre-made site maps on templates if you
are not able to create a graphical site map.

What do you need to have a graphic made?

What type of graphic, its color, size, is it to be a
3D map, or a simple color scheme to match your
site. the names as you want them to appear and
in the order you want them to appear. As well the
font type and size would be needed.

If you want Ricks Seeing the Sites to make a
template with the site map already on it, we
would need to have all the HTML link names to add
to the map.

Please see our page Order Page for ordering

If you want to see another sample of one of our
Image Maps, click on
Graphic Pick Up. We had a
little fun with this page.



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