File name

File name

Please wait while graphics load.

To down load the graphic you want, move your mouse pointer over the graphic, RIGHT click ONCE, a pop up window will appear, choose "Save Picture As" another window will appear with file folder locations on your hard drive, choose a folder to put your graphic in and click OK.

You now have the graphic on your hard drive and it can now be up loaded to your web site.

The graphics on this page will be available for one week from creation date. {The date at the bottom of this page}

All graphics are kept on disk for 90 days from creation date.

The graphics on this page are created for use on Black and White backgrounds. You will find the Graphic in its color type background. If you will be using the graphic(s) on a patterned background it may need to be re-created for that pattern.

If you wish changes or corrections please Email us at: or click here

and we will make corrections as best we can. Be sure to include the file name under each graphic.

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